The thoughts are free, erm were free.

In order to protect the intimacy the nude scanners conceal faces. We don't know whom we saw naked or?

Nude scanners when flying. Whether old lady or old Lord, whether we like it or not, for the sake of security the European Commission wants us to see naked. Our officials want our accounts data, they store phone and email data, because we are all under general suspicion to be terrorists.

When in the last years was there actually the last terrorist act in Europe? There is fear stirred without a real threat.

The bourgeois revolution has given us in the 18. & 19. century spy free state, and everyone should think and should say what he wants to - Civil liberties had been won. How far has it yet to come, before it becomes clear that civil liberties are in danger - not threatened by terrorists, but murdered by the surveillance paranoia of modern politicians.

Just because technology is there, able to monitor and examine better, that does not mean that it is compatible with the civil liberties to use everything. When they will tell me at the airport that they want to put me a camera in the rear for security reasons, I will not be there .. Leave me alone, without me.

By the way, the EU Commission could happily walk on their way to their offices through nudity scanners as a good role model for all. And please broadcast that in TV.

I thank the Commission, because it showed me what sh... can still upset me. Thank you ....


Jena Isle said...

It would indeed upset anyone. That is one disadvantage of technology. We have to know how to moderate its use.

Scanners in airports that could literally strip you is overdoing it.

Thanks for sharing.

Mark said...

Difficult decisions. Freedom is not free as we all know. We do have to weigh out the options and make decisions based on what makes sense in this realm. Are freedoms are in many ways eroded by the very things which are established to maintain our freedom and saftey.

A.V.C. said...

Each one of us, alone, would probably stay decently rational.

We need each other, to go really mad.

And it always starts with the best of intentions...

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena thank you for this determined comment. I do hope, security technicians will find other solutions... Happy blogging

Dear mark, sure - there are no easy answers to protect the public. Maybe work for all in the world and prosperity for all would be a much more efficient protection against terrorism, than technical warfare and surveillance... Happy Blogging

Dear a.v.c. You are right, it is some sort of group dynamical process and it has to be controlled.... Happy Blogging