If all the good and reasonable people of the world would turn their back on us.
If all the good and reasonable people of the world would retreat with a million $ cash from this world.
If I would not meet good and reasonable people at my work any longer at my work,
If no good and reasonable man would be there to make important decisions,
who would then determine the ways of mankind?

Who would then determine the daily life of mankind?

Are you reasonable and good, full of love and warmth - the harsh cold world on the other hand is dark and frustrating. Do not go away. Stay here, spit into your hands hands and get to work.

It is time to tell the truth where others do not dare.
It is times to help a weaker person without expecting an advantage.
It is time to suffer defeat in a bad world and and taste the bitterness of impotence.

And - is it really soooo bad?


A.V.C. said...

Depending on your definition of "weak person" I might disagree.

Arguably, it is indeed high time that the "good and reasonable" people, the strong people, retreat and let the forces of nature deal with the weak.

For too long, we have tried to sustain "weak" structures that really need to break in order to pave the way for new ones. Change may sometimes hurt, but promotes evolution.

Where we try to block the natural correcting systems, we often only postpone and deepen the effects of the inevitable reaction. In the short term, we may come across as merciful, perhaps giving our ego a welcome boost. However, in the long term, we may actually have contributed to prolonged suffering.

I have come to experience that words like these are easily misinterpreted and I do not mean to offend anyone, but I don't subscribe to the Christian definition of love anymore.

As far as I can see that aeon has passed.

Jena Isle said...

It takes a strong person to love his enemies. People naturally love those who love them in return, but it takes courage and strength of character to care for someone who is supposedly your "enemy". This is where a true Christian can prove that he is one.

This is an Herculean task for humans, but with divine strength, one would be able to do so.

Sadly many of us Christians don't live up to this ideal and love is not imminent in our actions. We don't practice what we purport to believe in. Here lies the problem.

Our fervor for our religious rituals should match our generous, forgiving and understanding heart.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear a.v.c. thank you for your comment. Surely, if the strong people retreat, there will be changes.
But I believe there is no natural correcting system, or at the moment I don't know of any thing like that.

I believe we are all connected to each other and if we help each other, we get stronger altogether, but if we leave people in the lurch we altogether get weaker.

Maybe it would be better to talk about a concrete example....

If rich people don't care about the public health, then maybe diseases will spread that finally will infect those people who didn't care about the 'weak'....

Happy blogging

Dear jena loving our enemies is a challenge and worth wile to be learned because we learn so much about ourselves, our feelings, motivations etc.
Thank you for reminding of that valuable insight.
Happy blogging....

Anonymous said...

The good and reasonable people of the world do not turn their backs on people... they turn their backs on power... for it is power, greed and wealth that corrupt more so than people...

Indeed ray it is time... time to educate and share with no obligations, no expectations... so no... it isn't that bad... for us anyway ;)