The Old Man Part 2 of 2

The Duck Master, a truly wise and experienced magic Drake, reigned over the holy lake, which preserved the fruit of the holy forest fairy.

To this lake came a thirsty bear. He jumped into the water and drank, and he catched two fish.
All the animals were smaller than the bear and they got frightened. The bear might eat all of them. But Wu, the so-called Duck Master remained calm.

He approached the bear and said, 'Hey Sir, you're no longer thirsty, and you're full? "
"That is none of your business, dessert?", gave the bear back.

"Now I'm the guardian of the lake and you're a guest at my lake: I would like to ask you now to go because I have not invited you."

"Since when food tells the bear where he has to go." The bear jumped forward and slashed with his paw at Wu.

But the Duck Master performed his art flawless. He turned his attention to the fact that size is irrelevant. He ignored the idea of big bears being dangerous.

Wu became no bigger and the bear became no smaller and the world was no different, and so the bear stopped abruptly and seemed disoriented. "Where are you, dessert?" cried the bear angry because he could no longer see Wu. He saw only a huge lake around, so large that he no longer recognized the shores.

Wu had not changed his place on the water, only in his perception the bear had become very small. Wu puffed a little in the direction of the bear and the bear turned around and left.

All anxious animals gathered and asked: "What have you done?"
"Well, that was nothing," said the drake modest ... "I recalled that size has no meaning, I was able to defeat the bear, because to him his size was important. I took his size and his belief and that is why he had lost."

"Can we do that too?", asked the animals.

"Yes, certainly, you must learn to feel that you have no size. Meditate how you touch as mountains the sky or to fall as the smallest pebble in a crevice."

Thus Wu founded the famous Academy of Forest Fairy Fruit and taught the animals to choose the size that they deemed reasonable.

"Beautiful story," I said. "And what does the story teach me?"
"Sit in this chair," said the old man, we became both larger and I put myself in the chair of the old man.

I instantly grew into a giant. I cautiously swung down from a huge height. I was amiss. The old man grinned and pointed to both chair .... "Choose my little great treasure."

He waved to me and disappeared somewhere under the chairs.


Jena Isle said...

Just like the great story teller and preacher of all times, you speak through your posts. Interpretation comes from the reader. Profound and wonderful thoughts. Thanks for sharing.

Dolly's Diary said...

Hi Ray,
Good Story. I have another award for you at my blog.
Take Care,