Old Man part one of two

Long before I had been told that the old man - and they had whispered the words the old man - so all had warned me in advance of the old man.

"The old man can't take a joke, the old man eats babys." Further inquiring about the matter lead only to that there was nobody who had watched something like that. They also gladly shared whispering pieces of information about whether someone would have witnessed the old man eating children, but none had ....

In other words, long after I had been bantered with which would probably happen at my first encounter with the old man, I went with tense expectation in his house after I had received his invitation.

I entered his house wher a spicy scent welcomed me. "Incense sticks are often burned here," I thought.

While I went through the hallway the house of the Old man mad a banal impression on me. Then he came around the corner. He stood before me, but he had roughly the size of a child and I was very taken aback.


"Uh, nothing '


"Nothing - just maybe I would have expected a bigger man."

"So, bigger? Why? Has size ever, ever meant something important?" His voice sounded tough for me and I was not sure how I should answer to him. So I said nothing.

He seemed to know that I would say nothing more, because he turned around. "Follow me ...."
He curved around the corner and was gone when I entered the room where a lounge was in the corner. Involuntarily I went to the lounge.

The old man came inside through the next door and made a rustling noise when he walked through a curtain. Now he had my size.




"Where is the other old man? The small one, the dwarf."

He mustered me from top to bottom. "As if size would have ever meant something," he murmured and I put myself in the chair on which he indicated with his hand.

I hardly sat in the chair, when it seemed to me that I shrank and I would become as small as a mouse.
The old man sat down opposite me and grinned broad ... "As I said, as if size would have ever meant something."

I personally found my tininess very disturbing and I looked around me, whether or not a cat would be in the vicinity. I slipped uneasily from the chair and at the touch of the soil found that my I had recovered old body size, while on the opposite chair there was a dwarf grinning at me with shining white teeth.

"Understand it. ... Ray. Size counts nothing. Let go yourself from the size if you want to get to know the world in its true nature. "

Involuntarily I nodded. I tried to read his feelings. A friendly wave of serene composure, coupled with a shot gloating came into my mind.
My feet began to shrink, while I concentrated on his mood. Without reflecting this perception, I ignored it and let me in to this world of variable size. I trusted the old man.

Finally I was with him, both the same size on the carpet next to a mountain high lounge.

"I want to tell you now the story of the bear and duck master."

to be continued


Jena Isle said...

I remember Master Yoda in Star wars, he said that exactly, the size does not matter, it is all in the mind.
I like the positivity of this post. Thanks for sharing.


Ray Gratzner said...

Dear Master Jena, well the message is always the same, but as long as we have not found oneness we have to indicate to the thousand and more doors... Happy Blogging

Anonymous said...

I think it is about Ego at one end and Belief at the other. False impressions of being 'bigger than thou' result from extreme ego while men of belief radiate the exuberance of their true stature on the strength of Belief. If I get the message that cultivating & nurturing the right attribute puts things in the right perspective, I hope I see correct.