Shrinking Heart

The man may do and suffer whatever may come, he always possesses the divine and inalienable dignity. Christian Morgenstern

There is a hobo by the wayside. He asks for money. Some people forgo him.

Is his life less worth than that of people who earn money?
Are his dreams for mankind less important?
Is there life that is more worth than others?

Weren't our ancestors several thousand years ago without work and permanent residency? Were they less valuable than those of us who live in a house today?

Is it perhaps fear? Fear, poverty could skip on us like a virus? Fear that the few cents that we give, would compel us ot restrict ourselves? Hardly.

The heart is to small, the heart has shrunk.

But thank God there is a heart training. What exercises do you know?


Jena Isle said...

One exercise I do is to lend a sympathetic ear with my wards, share my time with them

Tomas Karkalas said...

Thank you for the good post. It provokes deep thoughts.
While "Thank you!" plants the gratitude and blossoms out with the real prosperity, the wisest teachings about the SELF-improvement typically result in dangerous social poverty, fear of all around- fear to look at a mirror.

Lea said...

Good post as usual. I enjoy visiting your site. So I have passed the Lemonade Award to you. You can get details on my site. Have a great day!

Mark said...

Our ego and fear hold us back in so many ways. A smile and a connection of the eyes with people whom you pass on the street is a great exercise for me.

Swahilya Shambhavi said...

I chant the Mantra Yam...it expands my heart. I say the switchwords Be Together With Divine Love Charm Thanks. That blows up the heart to taken in the whole Universe.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, to listen to somebody is a great gift. Thank you for sharing and happy blogging...

Dear thomas, thank you for visiting.
I admit, that I don't understand why self improvement should lead typically to social poverty... another sentence or two might help me.. I think if wise teachings don't apply to our daily life and help us to make a living, then there might be superior wise teachings waiting to discovered... Happy Blogging

Dear lea, thank you very much indeed. Have a great day too.

Dear mark thank you for sharing your exercise idea. It is a good practise for me too... Happy blogging

Dear swahilya, to expand the heart together with divine love... That feeds the soul... Blessings..