A small fly lived happily for the moment. Even if humans think that the lifespan of a fly is short, a fly enjoys her life as very long, because moments which appear to people to be very short, appear to a fly like lasting forever.

The fly loved the sun and she found in bright daylight everything she needed to live. But she was attracted like magic by the mystery of a dark hole in the earth. Again and again she flew to the hole and crawled on the verge of the entrance feeling fear. But slowly she gathered courage and finally curiosity prevailed over fear.

A very long time she spent in the darkness. She crawled in the hole around without finding a hint of the mystery. But she had the feeling to be on the track of something big.

Tired and hungry she crept out of the hole and watched their fellows at the sky. She rose into the air and told the others of her experiences.

"What do you want in the dark, while here the sun is shining so wonderfully. Come on you are all skin and bones, eat yourself full and enjoy life."

These responses made the researcher-fly very sad. She flew back to the hole and dropped her wings off.

"Henceforth I will not be a fly anymore. You fools", she cried in the sky. "You don't have an idea at all!" Then she went back into the hole and researched further.

Eventually the fly died from hunger and thirst without solving the mystery. About her in the air, her brothers and sisters circled, careless ....

No secret is ever changing our nature.


Jena Isle said...

Very well said. and have you heard about the fly which was perched at the back of a cow? He thought he was bigger and taller than the cow, but I know sometimes it is with this type of fly that people come to know about new things.

Could you explain a little farther what is meant by this post? lol,

A.V.C. said...

Dear ray,

Just keep flying and be happy, right? Or maybe the meaning is a bit more subtle...
But never condescending, I'm sure?

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, sometimes people strive to unravel a mystery and neglect their own needs. We won't change, we need to keep the temple(body and soul) in proper conditions in order ot reach our goal.
Your comment made me smile, Thank you for that.. Rainer

Dear a.v.c. you need a big riddle, a very hard to solve riddle, but you know, flying around with the other may become a search for mystery too.....Many mysteries Rainer

Tomas Karkalas said...

Thank you for the wonderful story. I have read it as the overview of daily press. You paint so eloquently - wow! It was a great pleasure to read, yet it was one of the most sad stories at the same time. I clearly saw myself in the fly
while the fly died, I'm in a sick bed till now. Is the above the only difference between us?

So your story questioned me either was I in the temple or outside.
Thank you

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear thomas, thank you for your feedback and it makes me sad to hear that you are ill. Please recover and bring further joy to us all with your art.... Happy Blogging...