When the sunny shade of dreamlike figures
write their meaning on the wall
of my inner body
I feel cold

When the cold air of a frosty winter
rushes throught the narrow paths
of my stubborn mind
I feel old

When I lose my belief, my friends and family
when doubtful feelings lay their hands
on my shrinking heart
I feel fear

The flame of love will accomplish any task,
to big for any fearful light through
every tiny scar confidence
will shine through


Jena Isle said...

WOW! Brilliant Ray, superb! I love the poem, how it rises and falls and the profound meaning it has. You should write more of these.


A.V.C. said...

Nice one!

Anonymous said...

This is incredibly beautiful... brought about an unusual feeling... similar to a mysterious melancholy, yet not as sad... perplexing and beautiful