Honest Scrap Award

Astraryllis gave me the Honest Scrap Award. Astraryllis thank you. I enjoy visiting your blog because I always leave with interesting inspirations for thoughts, with poetry or with everyday items delivered in an inimitable Astraryllis way.

This award is associated with the following requirements:
1st List 10 things honest about yourself, even if you have to dig deep within your memories.
2nd Give the award to seven other blogs.

So first, with ruthless openness, with the highest degree of brutality personal disclosements:

1st As a confirmand I told jokes in the church ...
2nd Cunning liars have a walk-over with me, because usually I trust unknown people meeting them with confidence. So time and again I have my flops .... I am a bit bored already.
3rd I like to eat fish fillet, because I am afraid of the fishbones. I once was trying half an hour to rid someone of a fishbone in his throat. Thus I I learnt the deeper meaning of the name poor sodd. The fishbone was so deep intractable in the throat that it just didn't cause nausea but already represented a danger to the breathing ....
4th A cat flea run once across my skin but now he is long gone ... Brrr ....
5th I am suspicious about the fences of Bull pastures. Are they strong enough to keep those beasts on the pasture ....?
6th I like to imitate the sounds of the Bavarian language. Unfortunately the result is usually not very understandable.
7th I can hardly remember any passwords on a permanent basis by heart ...
8th I hate gardening and like eating vegetables ....
9th I always wonder about why people repeat to elect the same politicians who draw them the money out of their wallets after the election .... The devil you know ... is better than ....
10th As a small boy, I wanted to be an engine driver, Ray the engine drivers who has the confidence of all the railroad engines ......

Well, I give the award to:

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