One man, a bee and a camel had a race to a water hole. The man thought: "this ridiculous bee, it is so tiny and she has such a small body, she won't win to me and my beautiful strong legs. And this camel, it's just a stupid animal, it has no chance to win to me. "

He began to run and both the bee as well as the camels fell quickly far back.
The bee deemed herself alone, but then she noticed that the camel was walking next to her. "Hey?" asked the bee, "do you not want to defeat the man?"
"Certainly," said the camel, "I would certainly want to, but don't you see where we are here?"
"No, I'm so small that I cannot look very far."

The camel bowed his head and let the bee crawl on his head. As the camel stood upright again, the bee looked at the world around them and saw that they were encircled by desert.
"You see now, there it is no need for a quick start." Patiently the camel carried the bee around and soon they leisurely overtook the man. He had reached the desert before them, and soon after he had to pause exhausted by the wayside.

"But why do you need me? You can well win alone, you're perfectly adapted in the desert."
"Just wait", said the camel. After a while they came to a water hole where a herd of elephants enjoyed themselves. They let no other animals near the water hole.

"Now fly!" said the camel, and with his ear he gave the bee a little nudge. "I will give you a head start." "Thank you," cried the bee and flew away. When she reached the water hole, the elephants ran away fearing the bee. The bee which could not see so far made herself comfortable on the head of an elephant, because she had just got used to be carried on heads .
The camel went relaxed to the water hole. "First," he said and laughed heartily.


Jena Isle said...

Nice one Ray. I oftentimes wonder, do you write these stories? I mean are they original? They carry so much positive thoughts in them, you could create an anthology. Just thinking out loud. Happy holidays.

Jane Doe said...

I found your site through Entrecard and I enjoyed my visit very much. I have bookmarked it and I will be back!



Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, I really do write these stories. If I quote other stories, I usually give credit to the author....Thank you ... Happy Blogging

Dear Jane Doe, thank you for visiting me, I will repay the visit. ...Happy Blogging