Rare exports

It is christmas time and now rare exports is a very important piece of information to understand better Santa Clause. Where does he come from. What is he up to and how is his professional formation?


Robin said...

Oh Ray - what are you doing to me? Where on earth did you dig that up from? So funny.

Frank said...

Hi Ray

Loved it, not sure about the authenticity of Santa, I think he was Invented by Coca Cola, they took the best part out, now it's all Caffeine and Sugar.

Take care


Jena Isle said...

Hi Ray,

What's this? Santa? Where's my gift.lol. Merry Christmas and Happy new year.

simplyjacy said...

that's a unique story. never thought of having a Santa that would come from that way.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear robin, i stumbeld upon that last year, and it seems that a lot of people haven't seen it yet... Happy Blogging

Hi Frank, yes the origin of santa claus that is worthy a deep research. Maybe santa was on drugs? Nice theory... Happy Blogging

Dear jena, this santa is a refined jewel, a precious gem of his species... Happy blogging

Hi simplyjacy, I guess the video was fun for you. Thank you for commenting here... Happy Blogging