Mr. Huber and the little girl

Mr. Huber suffered from a mental illness. Like all people, he carried the divine fire within him. The other people had the knowledge of the divine fire buried deep below under the crust of everyday occupations. In the case of Mr. Huber, however, occasionally the divine fire emerged from the body of Mr. Huber and took the shape of a little girl.

So it happened from time to time that Huber got a visit by a young girl when he was sad, when his parents died, when his wife left him. - Always the little girl took him silently by the hand and led him to a place of silence and reflection where Huber always started to cry.

One day the little girl came to Huber, without that he was sad. "Hey, what happened?" He asked surprised with raised eyebrows.

"You will die," said the girl. "I came because we both will finish our journey."

"How? You're so young and I still considerably older. Why should your time have come?"

"Because you didnot allow me to enter in your heart," replied the girl. Did you ever touched a flower felt yourself? Did you ever fed a bird have felt full afterwards? Have you ever loved a beggar and made yourself a present by giving a present to the poor? "

Huber shook his head.

"That's why."

Huber felt cold in his heart, then Huber clumsy seized the child and pressed it to his chest. His heart became warm and cheerful and suggested the small child disappeared.

Since then, Huber saw the little girl in all that surrounded him again. In the bush by the wayside because she waved from the branches. In the stray cat she ran frolicsomely on the field. In the dew on the grass her smile was reflected in the light, in each human Huber felt her warmth.


Anonymous said...

a very touching story. thanks ray for sharing.

Jane Doe said...

Thanks so much for the beautiful comment you left on my writing blog. I appreciate your kindness more than words can express.

This is a beautiful story, a wonderful lesson in living and loving. By the end I had goosebumps. Thank you for sharing it.



Jena Isle said...

Wow Ray, I felt a lump in my throat, such a heartwarming story. I understand fully what you mean to tell your readers. Thanks for that subtle hint. Kudos to you. happy new year.

Love so be it said...

Dear Ray,

Thanks for this story. It helps me to remind a way to keep myself in the Truth, despite of the lie that the darkness have created.

May our Way be always full of small things to keep us in touch with our True Nature.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear kebelle, thank you for commenting and have a nice day in the philipines.....Happy Blogging

Dear Jane Doe, your name seems common to me, but I can't really recall your name ;-)

Thank you indeed and happy blogging to you

Dear jena, my divine commenter, thank you for delivering once more such a lovely comment... I marvel your commenting abilities Happy Blogging

Dear Love so be it. Yeah I agree with you, but sometimes I get lost in those little things and wonder what to do next...;-) Thank you for commenting and welcome... Happy Blogging...

Anonymous said...

A master of a tale... spoken by an artist... this made me happy... very happy