A pig's dream

It happened one day that a small pig while chewing an apple skin with greatest delight fell into the state of trance.

The pig left his body with his spirit and trevelled 300 years into the future. There it saw in the forests of Europe's many free pigs, which happily and peacefully ate from the fruits of the forest.

It flew over ancient ruins and abandoned cities, people were no longer visible. The pig wondered thoughtfully, 'what happened here?'

It flew around clueless and finally it discovered a populated human settlement. People were hard to recognise. All had a pasty skin and they were fed and moved by machinery. Many of them lingered in well heated small chambers in which they got food at regular times, could play and could sleep too.

The machines had everything under control. While the pig fle around it discovered more and more settlements, with fully automated building for the keeping of humans.

Eventually it discovered a large building, signed as 'the slaughterhouse'. Apart from the slaughterhouse there was a huge warehouse. This building was tirelessly expanded by robots. Machines brought great sausage packages to the warehouse, but nobody seemed to consume the sausage, it was always just fresh sausage piled up.

The pig flew into a library and looked past the newspaper headlines, which 150 years ago had been printed. Thereafter there were no more newspapers. One headline reads, "Microsoft and the largest animal meat producer in the world are merging! '. The article reported that Microsoft released a new version of its all-purpose operating system. The operating system, managing all from car driving up to the toilet cleaning in the everyday lives of people, had been rewritten for livestock breeding. The animal meat industry would be supported by the Windows operating system to run automatically its business.

Another headline reads computer breakdown. Due to an error livestock and all-purpose operating system had been confused and wrongly shipped ... Then the newspaper editions ended.

The pig flew out again and shook his head, 'who would understand that. " When it flew over a village, it looked like the slaughterhouse van was loaded. Happy people with pasty complexion were carried by machines on the truck.

Then the pig woke up. 'Wow, three hundred years from now, all pigs will be free ... swell ...'


Jena Isle said...

he he he, that was humorous but sinister Ray. You mean we'll end up as minced meat in the future? lol...hotdogs...yuck...

A food for thought...computers are now ruling the world. Word of caution, don't allow your computers to rule you.(I'm guilty of this.)

Thanks for that thought -provoking post. You gave me and idea for a short story, can I borrow the concept? lol

Have a happy weekend. Take care .

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear jena, of course I would be glad, if you were inspired to write another story.....

I do hope that the Microsofts and the monsantos of this world will not be allowed to transform all of us and the other living beings into some sort of product, which ends up in storehouses or becomes extinguished...

Happy blogging