Only One Finger...

"Did you know that a man can carry the world with one finger alone?" asked the master curiously.

"With one finger, while the world is so big and my fingers are just so small. Hardly, "replied his pupil. "I certainly am not able not do that."

The master jumped up and rotated around his finger through the air. The finger seemed fixed at a spot while the master was in the air. "My finger has successfully held the world in its place."

"You're just jumping." The student did not understand the statement of the master.

"Oh, shut your mouth and do it for me once. Pratt, Pratt, Pratt, the trap is permanently in motion."

The student gathered a momentum and made angry somersault through the air. He stuck his finger in the air and tried to fix it there. No sooner had he done so, his mind was filled with a picture of a happy living earth.

The master smiled. "Just one finger ... carrying the earth, only one ...". Then he walked away, while his students arrived with both feet on the ground.


Jena Isle said...

You're back Ray, how are you? I'm so glad you've posted once again, and this is a post worthy of a debate in class. Perhaps I'll let my students debate the merit and demerit of this post.

Welcome back.

Mark said...

Very interesting ... I am not sure I understand the lesson. I would appreciate your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

The story of the master is very interesting, dear Ray.

Where is your german blog?
Can you give me the link of it?

Jena Isle said...

Hello Ray,

The book is here, where can I mail it? Kindly send your complete mailing address through the EC dashboard. Thanks and I hope everything is okay with you.

enreal said...

From our point of view, in matter of perception, is the center of the universe. Very well written... missed your posts