If you have a question the you should return to your special inner place

If you're at a loss, return to your special inner place and ask the question that moves you. Above all, learn to accept that finding an answer to the questions does not necessarily mean finding the answer or know the answer as though you had read something and just have to retrieve it like a thought.

No. The inner knowledge approaches from infinity, even though you will not well imagine what infinity means. Because it comes from infinity, it takes infinitely different ways, until it gets to you. Or have you experienced before, that while you were facing many choices, you would have taken only the same way out?

Those who know, stick their heads into the infinite and they own nothing to grasp the infinity. And yet the knowledge trickles into their world, becomes understandable and is different for each person. That is the difficulty in learning and teaching.

Knowledge is the same, but no way is comparable with that of others, and that means every student learns in a different order, and each teacher adjusts to his pupil. The infinity combines both, teacher and student and gives both a never previously seen track. Both have in common only that it happens to sound like a miracle to them to find a way ...


One Womans Thoughts said...

I enjoyed your words here. Reminds me a bit of Rainer Maria Rilke. You have some great posts, I hope to return frequently.

Jena Isle said...

Hello Rey,

These are vital words of wisdom. I;m glad you're back. God bless.

enreal said...

The inner knowledge of infinity... great thoughts and philosophy