Nobody Is An Island

Ain't that the title of a novel by Johannes Mario Simmel?

Some people I meet during the day, I can imagine them very well on an island. They behave as if they were alone in the world. These people, in case they were left alone on an island, would at first kill all living things and clutter the nascent wilderness.

In this small inhospitable hell they would criticize the island to be of no use and would accuse the creation to play tricks on great spirits. Then they would perish and  - hopefully - the island would flourish again after their death.

I do not want to be a part of the island of these hungry ghosts. Every day they live among us and eat the whole world empty without ever giving anything in return ....


enreal said...

These are strong words... I pray these ghosts or souls or spirits find peace

Jena Isle said...

Those are great observations. I hope I'm not one of those ghosts, or persons like that. Have a pleasant day.

A.V.C. said...

Hi Ray,

Long time no see.

I'm sure you'd wanna be there, to try to stop them or convince them of a better way of life.

This world consists of contending forces, that is the way that it is shaped.

Perspectives will clash, and wars be fought. In the name of the ever escaping truth.

Strike back!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, long time ...