Passeport s'il vous plâit

In Afghanistan, there are policemen who can not read or write. Because they lack these skills, they let all persons pass who show any document resembling an identity card.

We have an inner checkpoint too, we can decide whether we are open for contacts or not. We should train our inner guard or it can happen that we allow anyone to mingle in our affairs, holding up false papers that we can not read such as:

Preacher id-card, an expert on the life after death

id-card, universal representation of facts

id-card, an expert on the right path

id-card, justice producer

id-card, an expert on men's happiness

id-card, expert for women's happiness

If we are vigilant and learn the language of our heart, our vigilance will not let pass false experts into our inner realms ....

And maybe, education may prove a stronger weapon for peace in Afghanistan than any well-meant bullet.


enreal said...

Very important wisdom, I believe the lessons are great, and education in all senses achieve the true importance of life... I personally have let most of these falsities through, and though they seem within reasonalble expectations they may not have been what I needed...

I appreciate your new approach, I truly enjoyed these last couple of pieces

Jena Isle said...

That's a good observation. Yes, they should be taught how to read. Welcome back, Ray.