Rotating Sun from NASA, The hunt for life energy

I have a goal. A goal, I share many many people. I wish to possess enough vitality, in order to manage the day to come. So much vitality to deal with sudden challenges successfully like:

* The complaint of the neighbour against my dog.
* The drunk men in the street car, looking for a fight.
* When I stand before the ATM machine feeling watched.

There are situations in which I would like to be strong to survive.

What is the meaning of vitality regarded from an esoteric point of view? How can I accumulate energy, do retain, do increase and start using it for my ends?

On this question there are innumerable answers, which are correct. I will give one of these many answers. The truth of my answer could be examined easily by everyone through meditation.

Life energy, vitality is expression of mental work strength and expresses itself in the well-being of the body, dreaming, pursuit of intentions and the perception of astral energy levels. Life energy can be accumulated in each of these ranges. We will find in the gym the mystics of the physical well-being. The reader, writer or sleeper weaves motivating dream pictures, the buyers and working human beings hunt value objects, which are useful for the body. And a special form of particularly strengthened or spiritual taken human beings will perceive and steer astral energies or find their way in the river of energy.

All human beings are alike. All the same - how I use my particular strengths and how I fill up energy, hold it, increase it and direct it, to accumulate life energy is an important task. If I refuel energy and loose it immediately, then I am a barrel without ground. I exhaust my environment.

If I refuel vitality and do not increase energy, then nothing changes in my life, because the charges and discharges constitute an esoteric equilibrium. In this stage esoteric views are of no meaning to me, because I do not feel a difference in my life caused by esoteric knowledge.

If I increase vitality, then the energy flows change in my direction, but my vitality has to be steered or I end up as a thick immovable energy whale on the beach, crushed of his own weight.

We walk to the act, accumulation of energy. We will store energy in our astral body. I go on my personal trainings distance and make my preparations for meditation.

My goal today is the sun!

I imagine to be a sun. In the beginning, I feel to radiate cold and my conception are shaded from everyday life feelings - then igniting begins. A picture of my sun body develops. The warmth, the radiating energy overwhelms cold and dark energy, which hangs on me. I let myself fall into the energy of the sun and enjoy the ease of the energetic existence, having supply of fuels for several hundred million years. I realize why human beings had sun cults in early ages. Then I return slowly to everyday life and become awake again.

Sun- and moon women can experience very (too) intensively this exercise. They need an intermediate phase on the way into the everyday life. They become from the sun to the moon, before they return to the everyday life.

What is now different? My experience of unity with the sun cleaned me and filled up my astral energies. I am ready for the gym, the next dream, the work or for the clear sighted perception.


Liara Covert said...

We can always tap into unlimited energy. Whether we do is a choice to believe or not in ourselves. NASA offers other options.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear liara, well I am aware that nasa offers other options. The idea behind the video is, to feed imagination as example.