Sade - Love Is Stronger Than Pride (Video), Top Ten Pride

A feeling, why people can't love each other as they perhaps want to, is pride. Pride in a form that the chest widens, the head incessantly turned upward by pride. The eyes being blind for shortcomings. Pride is developed over years. Pride is passed on from one generation to the next and can't get rid of it quickly, because it is regarded by its owners as a virtue.

If proud human beings feel pride for the first time, it is already too late. Because pride, like a tick, which injects an anesthesia while biting into the skin of its host, in order to exhaust it without resistance. Pride nourishes itself of its victims at the expense of the ability to love.

One could mean pride would be harmless, because proud human beings are valued members of the community. No, pride is a creeping mental poisoning. Proud human beings do not do certain things, which pride refuses them. Sometimes they are to proudly to seek assistance. How many millions of dollars are not rightfully claimed, because old people are too proud to ask for support even if they are poor ?

Proud human beings have a picture from themselves that does not permit them to make themselves arbitrarily small. There are borders for proud human beings!

Pride lingers perhaps for many years in a person without to disturb. Then usually it interferes with solution of love. A solution of love is an agreement between two human beings, who do not take consideration on outward appearances, no consideration on status or other values. A solution of love is spoken from heart and it is in many cases for one stakeholder disadvantageous. A solution unfavorable from the point of reason, thus e. g. if a young person understates his or her values in order to permit an older person to take support from him. This could be an act of love.

The pride of a person will intervene, if a solution of love requires of the person to make herself small. How however can we defeat pride? By realizing that we are equal. If we really understand that we are all the same, then human beings can not make themselves smaller than they are. It is irrelevant to prove ones true size, because nobody is greater than anybody.

The human body produces approximately 100 Watts, regardless whether he belongs to a chairman of the board with an annual salary of 25 million Dollar or to a poor fellow. In regard of both soul or spirit, there is hardly any difference. The director has access to more of human hand made things the poor one has more access to the humanity, because his heart is not chained to valuable possessions. Some lack is balanced in the case of poverty through love and warmth, while the rich seeks to protect property with cold heart and hard feelings.

Who ever feels pride, should search internally for the truth that all human beings are equal.

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