The Secret Top-Ten Loveblocker, Inertia of the Heart

What is it? Is it About what physicians call heart insufficiency? No, that is not meant. On my personal and secret Top Ten list of love blockers the inertia of the heart has its own special place. The inertia it occurs frequently in daily life and its effects are usually ignored. But it steals every now and then lifetime worth living from us, and if there were a respectable statistics, then I would assume that the inertia of the heart would be blamed for causing losses in billion $.

The inertia of the heart is an internal attitude to stop feelings of love in everyday situations. As children, we experienced spontaneously that we carried our heart on the tongue, that we expressed feelings directly in body language and motion. We stopped this as adults systematically. If we feel an affectionate impulse, then we suppress it, because it does not get along with our picture of ourselves. It happens so automatically, that we are no longer conscious of the procedure. We try to mimic a respectable picture, a picture required of us to be seriously to work respectably and with dignity and fit-to-fight instead of being affectionate. This picture is still best embodied in the public with the picture of mother and child or master and dog.

On the television each week week a town is extinguished for our entertainment, assumed that all dead ones would from crime films, war films, news and series lived in the same city. Why is love not a natural expression if we communicate with each other? Who has much to fear if affectionate handling would be a social norm. What harmful side effects might it produce?

On one hand there are naturally the requirements from the patriarchy, which lead to a social containment. I am concerned with the mechanism of splitting love off, that people have made themselves second nature to fade out affectionate feelings. The only liberty to live affectionate feelings is, if they were socially blessed, in family, church and social services.

The love unstopped love is the most energy-loaded feeling which humans can produce, and that feeling able to shift mountains. Who follows love, is on a way with heart and should not get irritated by social conventions of love containment.

With the exercise unfold your love we strengthened the ability to love ourselves. Something, which many parents already take off from their children. With the exercise overcome the inertia of the heart we go the logical next step. Now in actuate emotions fulfilling us.

I go on my personal training distance and prepare for meditation.

I imagine myself to have neither arms nor legs. I am a tumbler, who knows how to swing, without being able to move. I imagine, my love crystallizing, forming to fibers, to a mass, from which hands and legs grows. I start moving with the new limbs.

Take care again and check with your astral nose whether some strange feelings crept in, which would result in an unpleasantly smell . If you limp or have difficulties to move the arms, then don't worry. Those are injuries, which we will heal later, because people, who love will find to a sane soul. And remember - don't compel yourself. If it takes days, until you can go, then it doesn't mean that you trained wrongly. It might be side-effects of forgotten injuries .

If you went a bit, then you achieved the goal. You can stop exercising. Return consciously to the everyday life. In everyday life recall the feeling of the moving love, the feeling you experienced when you went on your new limbs. The inertia of the heart will leave you. As result more positive energy from the environment flows to you. You will become richer.

If people behave otherwise towards you, after you have exercised, then please return and leave a comment.

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