I found him in front of his books. "Why do you read so much?" I asked. "If the experience is inside, then why should you read?"

"Well, it's easy and quick said. Books are words and words have little in common with the insight you can gain in search of knowledge, but - words have the power to approach the knowledge inside. Words are capable to awake powers and capabilities which are slumbering and are deeply rooted inside. "

"Regard yourself, for example. You feel that something is dormant inside of you. You are on the search and you would be happy if you knew what you should call to awaken the slumbering power."

"Sure, everyone is looking for - I think at least."

"Yes, that's true, but search and search is not the same. Some are looking for confirmation and wish not to awaken the slumbering. They fear themselves, because what harm would our slumbering power inside mean to us?"

"The Others are looking for clear words. They are looking for harmony with their mind. Everything will be as sound as it was logical. They want the slumbering power not to be awaken, they always want the new and always think the new they get lost in the world of physical phenomena, in which everything can be that is logical. They scrape on the slumbering power, they upset the slumbering power, but ultimately they let the slumbering power sleep. "

"And then there are the power people. They would like to raise slumbering powers in order to be at an advantage. They are the people looking for insider information and quick extra profit. If the slumbering power were greedy and would like to make profit, then the slumbering power would soon be awakened. So there are only bold and greedy people who succeed to transfer to daily life things helping to influence and manipulate the will of other humans. The transferred insights have not to be as long as it works on people. The power people have a distorted view of the slumbering power. "

"And then there are people who wake the slumbering power. They are cautious. The slumbering power turns in his sleep, it sighs and talks in his sleep. The slumbering power dreams, prays and sings, quiet and almost inaudible. Those who are boldly and need not to explain everything and need not imposing something on their fellow people, those who respects the signs of of the slumbering power will eventually awake it. The Waking up may last for one second or even 12 years. Attentiveness is the wake-up call of the slumbering power and never, never let yourself explain from other people what your slumbering powers are up to. This will guide your attentiveness, trim it, dwindle it. No, open your mind and listen to your slumbering powers and when I read a book, then the slumbering powers will listen too and if I am attentive, then I feel when it says something. "


ssgreylord said...

Beautifully written. Funny how that slumbering power can sometimes feel so scary. Awareness is beautiful. Awareness is frightening. I remember talking with my yoga teacher and saying to him in a dismayed tone, "I don't want to be so Aware!!" Thanks for the post.

Ray Gratzner said...

Dear ssgreylord, thank you for liveley comment and welcome to the blog.