Hikers of Infinity

The hikers of infinity stopped. Nobody ran against his man in front man because there was no man in front in the figurative sense. There was only the steady flow of souls, the hiker were in motion.

"What's happening?" With thousand tongues this idea ocuured like a wave rolling onto the beach - over to infinity.

"In front, they claim that death was terminated and we could go home. Nobody will die any more."

The souls of the unborn did not cared. "There are still children born," they said.

The walkers gathered at the precipice where usually the life threads were cut. Indeed, anyone could enter the site on which to stand would have meant the end a few moments before.

They looked around, the place looked normal - nothing religious, nothing special adhered to him - only silence. The first brave and curious stormed into the room, filled with a feeling, to be a witness of an important moment in history, of something outrageous, yet unprecedented.

Then chaos spread, as thousands outcries accompanied death's new snuffing out of life, perishing irrevocably who wandered across the very place. Shocked the hiker of infinity withdrew.

What was that?

The Elders of the hiker remembered that when she was young, the elders in her time had spoken of a legend.

"From time to time the infinity pretends that she could to avoid death, as if death were defeated. - But who believed it would inevitably perish."

Then she looked around. "This time it was here in infinity, but it will happen again - moments of victory over a beaten death ....."


Jena Isle said...

You speak in parables Ray. These are thoughts for the magi. At times, I'm dumb and one of these times is now...lol... Infinity could never be beaten by death...although death is inevitable, this happens in spurts while infinity lives on uninterrupted and unmarred.

A post worthy of perusal.

Take care and best regards.

Anonymous said...

Dearest Ray... how I have missed your words... things have been dark on my pages... yet there was light to find my way here... where I am blessed by these bright words... so wise and pure... thank you... I shall return soon... thank you for your light

Swahilya Shambhavi said...

Your posts are interesting...Wish you a very happy new year.